Fast-food lover Sarah Bell, 19, always refused to wear a bikini – but that changed when she ditched her daily drink habit and lost 30 kg

Like most teenagers, Sarah Bell loved fast-food.

Her daily diet consisted of McDonald’s, KFC, large kebab snack packs and service station meals that would often leave her feeling lethargic.

On top of this she had a very expensive Red Bull habit spending about $105 a week, drinking three 330ml bottles a day at $5 a bottle of the highly caffeinated energy drink.

“I had a very unhealthy relationship with Red Bull,” the 19-year-old told

“I also couldn’t say no to a greasy feed either.

“I had deep fried service station food for breakfast, would snack at all times on potato gems and gravy and large meals with Coke whenever I wanted.

“I wasn’t eating home cooked meals whatsoever and barely drank any water.”

Sarah, who lives in Townsville, Queensland, said her poor eating habits worsened at the beginning of last year during the pandemic.

“I began drinking very heavily, eating unhealthy amounts and as Covid hit, my bad habits became even worse,” she said.

“Throughout my whole life I have always been a bigger girl. As a kid I went through quite a lot and I found comfort and temporary happiness through indulging in unhealthy food.”

She attempted to kick her bad habits but after “many failed attempts” said she had “given up”.

“I would think about my failed attempts and lose motivation instantly,” she told

“I was too lazy to do anything about it because there was no fast or convenient way, and to me the time and effort just wasn’t worth the wait.”

But the teen became so fed up with her lifestyle choices, she decided to have final go at kicking her habits and went on to lose 30kg.

“One thing that really affected me was not being able to wear the clothes I liked,” she said.

“I wouldn’t be able to dress nicely because I couldn’t ever find clothes that would fit me properly.

“I was never able to wear a bikini in front of anyone my whole life, not even my family or close friends.”

However, that all changed when signed up to online fitness program Bodies By Rachel eight-week shred challenge.

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