Aussie boxer Ebanie Bridges got away with a cheeky message in her latest win, but it’s been overshadowed by a monster world title announcement.


“When Eddie contacted me, it was really unexpected but I’m not going to say no to this chance,” she said, according to Boxing Scene.

“I was gutted for Rachel as she’s a friend and I wish her well in recovery but opportunity knocks. This is a fight that fans have spoken about for a while now since I moved onto the British scene. I respect Shannon as a boxer, I think we’ll put on a great show, but I’ll be the one leaving with the gold.

“This is a huge platform to showcase my skills and who I am, ‘The Blonde Bomber’, to the world.”

Bridges has already attracted a huge following in the UK on the back of her larrikin, blokey sense of humour, on full display on her Twitter and Instagram profiles.

It was also There for her fans with eagle-eyes to see in her win over Earl.

Bridges took to Twitter to giggle at her own gag after barely an eyebrow was raised as she snuck a cheeky message stitched onto her fighting kit.

She had the word “69er” stitched into her pink trunks. The term is a long-running joke between Bridges and her fans, celebrating the juvenile humour that she has always kept her Twitter following to just 69 accounts.

Despite her less-than-serious alter-ego and her notorious side-project of selling socks and pictures of socks to fans online, making around $1000 per-week, there is no denying how serious a fighter she is.

Having also juggled her real life as a mathematics teacher at a school in western Sydney, Bridges’ life would change forever with a victory over Courtenay.

The title fight on its own may have already done that.

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