A man managed to trick his girlfriend into thinking she was going on a spa weekend, when in actual fact he was taking her on a Spar weekend - a trip round all the Spars in Birmingham.

Got to love a good pun, haven't you?

But when Sue Pakey's teaching assistant boyfriend David ­Burrows, 37, started driving around Spar shops instead, the 44-year-old realised she'd been had over.

The couple, who have been together for 17 years, set off from their home in Birmingham and drove for two miles, before David pulled up outside a Spar shop. So far, so innocent.

Sue, who had been looking forward to a sauna and a massage, didn't think much of it at the first Spar.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: "When we stopped he said, 'Here we are then.' He popped in to get some things but I just thought he was buying some snacks.

"We got to the second one and I thought, 'What is going on - we are not going on a Spar tour are we?'"

In actual fact, that's exactly what she was going on. She slowly realised her dream of a relaxing spa day was getting further and further away with each Spar shop they stopped at.

David wanted to make sure they took a selfie outside each of the Spars, and Sue agreed - although you can see from the pictures she's less than pleased about the whole situation.

David said: "I thought it would be funny. I did buy her something in each one, I'm not a total monster."

He added: "She wasn't very impressed. If you say you are going on a spa weekend everyone thinks s-p-a. But I thought it would be funny to go on a Spar weekend.

"We spent the next couple of hours driving around Spars in Birmingham. She did eventually see the funny side."

David ended up taking her on an impressive nine-store tour of Spars in the city.

To make up for the prank David took Sue out for a meal on Valentine's Day. He has also now realised it was a bit of a costly mistake.

Sue has said that she is going to make sure he takes her away on an actual spa weekend (that's s-p-a, not S-p-a-r) to make up for the cruel, but also hilarious prank he played on his one and only.

Sue added: "This is going to cost him."

Revenge is sweet, Sue, remember that.

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Source: Ladbible

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