Despite what you see in Hollywood movies, few of us look truly angelic while sleeping, with a stray trail of drool being far more likely than a delicately fluttering eyelash.

Personally, I would spontaneously combust with embarrassment if somebody took a picture of me while I was sleeping, knowing full well this would not result in an oil painting.

Alas, for one poor woman from Portsmouth, her open-mouthed, noisy slumber has been commemorated for all eternity – inked onto the skin of her own husband.

Kelly, 37, was left ‘horrified’ after husband James McGraw, 40, opted to have a painfully unflattering photograph of her face tattooed onto his thigh.

The photo appears to have been taken aboard a plane, and shows Kelly fast asleep and snoring away, blissfully unaware her husband was snapping a sly couple’s selfie.

Window cleaner James then went on to have the much-loathed image recreated on his own flesh, in what was apparently an act of revenge towards his missus for giving him a dodgy haircut.

Sharing the image on Facebook, the dad-of-five wrote:

Don’t know what her problem is ….everyone else seems to like it.

This is apparently just the latest development in an ongoing prank war between the couple that has been waged for nearly 25 years. And – as of yet – there appears to be no sign of a truce.

Speaking with The Sun, James revealed:

We’ve been playing pranks on each other for 24 years. I’m one up at the moment — but I’m also scared because I don’t know what she’s now planning.

However, it could well be James has taken things a step too far this time, with Kelly having since expressed a genuine – and very understandable – hatred for the tat.

Kelly told The Sun how she regarded this latest prank as being on ‘another level’:

There’s a line and he’s crossed it big time. We’re just a normal family but our banter’s got out of hand.

It’s still really raw. We do mess about anyway but this is on another level. I was horrified. I couldn’t believe it. I hated the photo so much.

She continued:

I just can’t look at it properly without laughing. It’s horrific and he’s added more chins.

He needs to watch his back because karma’s a b*tch. I’ll think of something to get him back, but it’s going to have to be really, really bad to top that.

As of yet, there is no news as to what Kelly is plotting in retaliation, but this one’s going to be tricky to top…

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