Because of the large number of tragic mass shootings that have happened around the world, law enforcement is always encouraging members of the public to make them aware if they notice anyone behaving in a way that could indicate that they may be the perpetrator of such a crime. Recently, some mothers have made the difficult choice to turn in their own children when they suspect that they may be plotting something horrific.

Citizens of College Park, Washington are grateful to a mom whose tough choice undoubtably saved the lives of many in their community. Her decision to turn her son in to police after she made a shocking discovery is being hailed as a heroic example of uncommon bravery.

The mom sprang into action after reading a terrifying entry in her 17-year-old son’s journal. The entry indicated that he was planning to carry out a school shooting on April 20, 2020, which he intended to coincide with the anniversary of the horrific killings carried out at Columbine High School reports CBS News.

When she confronted her son with what she had found in his journal, he told her that it was only a writing exercise. Unconvinced, the mom called police and her son is currently in jail. Although she knows she made the right choice, she is still hoping her son can get the psychological help he clearly needs.

Another tragic case involved a Richmond, Indiana mother who called police about her 14-year-old son who she believed was planning a school massacre. When the police arrived, the teen began shooting and tragically took his own life at his school reports NBC. Her community acknowledged her brave choice by holding a vigil in her honor to acknowledge her courage and grief.

Turning someone you love in to authorities to protect others is never an easy decision, especially if it is your own child. Send this reminder of uncommon courage to someone you know who might appreciate this story of mothers willing to make a tough choice to protect their community.

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