You've seen those ASPCA commercials. The animals look sad, the music is even sadder, and you end up sending money, adopting, or at least wishing you could. Well, not only did this single father act, he went the extra mile. He adopted a senior dog who also happened to have cancer.

Large breed dogs are considered seniors around the age of six or seven. In this case, Enoc Lopez, single father of one, fell in love with a 10-year old adorable dog named Mocha, who may only live a little while longer because of a malignant melanoma. Mocha was left in April of 2019 at the Indianapolis Humane Society because of the death of her previous owner. This is where their story together as the Lopez family would begin.

Lopez and his 8-year old adopted son Allen decided that Mocha deserved a loving family and home to live out her days. Allen experienced both happiness and sadness once they decided to take Mocha home, "I have tears in the inside."

“Something in me triggered,” Lopez told News 8. “I just couldn’t leave her.”

Adopting animals' others may not want is nothing new for Lopez. He and his son were already the proud parents of another rescue named Amy who happened to be a deaf dog. Thankfully there was a quick bonding between Amy and Mocha. Lopez's vet told reporters that Lopez "has the biggest heart…he is a pet enthusiast that we don't have enough of in this world."

Many people overlook senior pets. Still, they can be beautiful additions to a family who doesn't want to deal with the excitement and training of puppies. They are calmer and adjust well as they are already used to having a family. If the shelter is aware of any health issues, the adopting families are informed upfront. Rescuing a senior animal doesn't always mean there are pre-existing health issues, but just like humans, their health changes as they age.

Animals like Mocha and Amy are often passed over in shelters because of their age or health; however, seniors or animals with health concerns can make loving and happy additions to any family. Take a trip to your local shelter and spend time getting to know one of these precious animals. You may end up saving a life...and adding joy to your own.

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