A man claiming to be Tupac Shakur's former bodyguard has said that he 'helped' the late rapper 'fake his death', sharing a video online in which he tells people that he too faked his own.
Last December, it was reported that Michael Nice had died, just before he was due to release evidence that Tupac was still alive.

Now he's posted a video to YouTube, from a 'secret' location (of course), to explain that he in fact faked his own death a year ago in a bid to evade his enemies.
He said: "My name is Michael Nice, I faked my death on 18 December 2018 and I'm here today, back from the dead to show why and how I had to fake my death."
He continued: "I done a Makaveli, exactly like 'Pac, faked my death and escaped and that situation has alleviated a bit where I'm now in a safe position, I've got enough dirt on people - the right people - so that I can operate and bring this evidence forward."
He added that he's here to 'tell all' and said: "I've overcome the people that were after me, threatening to kill my family. I am now on the run, I'm in hiding.
"Since my death I've taken steps to put things right. I'm still on the run from the British and American authorities but I'm now in a safe place where I can run my operations, I don't use electronic communications at all. I don't use a mobile phone."
He explained: "Since my death - or fake death as you now know - there was a lot of speculation in the Tupac world, a lot of his enemies were exposed and I intend to continue exposing his enemies.
"If you think Michael Nice delivered the goods, there's more to come. Now that I'm back I feel refreshed, I do feel like I've been reborn."
Outlining how he faked his death - which he admits he feels ashamed about - Michael told the camera: "I'm here to set it straight, tell you everything that happened, how I faked my death, how in a way it almost confirms obviously with my experience - helping 'Pac escape - I've done it again with myself, proof that I've got those capabilities."
Suggesting that, had he not faked his death he 'would have been dead anyway', Michael outlined his master plan, which he said 'ain't an easy thing to do', but added that he knew what was 'required'.
First of all his wife found him in his car slumped over and called an ambulance. He had already arranged for an ambulance to collect him (via a friend) before using a trick he learned as a boy to stop his pulse.
Michael claims that his body was swapped with an actual dead body which then went to the morgue, of which he says he 'can't believe how smoothly it went'. This, he claimed, enabled him to lay low for a year.
He added: "I'm back now to tell my story, put things straight and get on with the mission."
A bold claim.
Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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