A stubborn man has refused to believe he gave a woman chlamydia, despite the fact she has the evidence to prove it.

A screenshot of the conversation between the former partners was shared online, showing the frustrated woman attempting to make the man, Joshua, understand the seriousness of the situation after contacting him to inform him of her unfortunate state.

The unidentified woman told Joshua she’d been tested for STDs after having unprotected sex with him, as she had also done before sleeping with him.

She came away disease-free before ‘hooking up’ with Joshua, but after their encounter learned she had contracted chlamydia. As the man was her ‘most recent new unprotected hookup’, the woman had no doubts about who had given it to her.

Despite the hard evidence, Joshua refused to accept he’d passed on the disease.

He attempted to clear himself of the accusations, though only seemed to drop himself in it further, as he responded:

Well I haven’t had any symptoms for a year so thats [sic] pretty hard to believe.

Check out the conversation, which was posted on Reddit, here:

Joshua’s comeback indicates he did have symptoms of the disease at one point, suggesting he almost definitely had the STD. Many people with chlamydia show no symptoms at all, so the fact the signs went away for Joshua certainly doesn’t mean the disease did.

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the UK and symptoms include pain when peeing, unusual discharge, pain in the stomach or bleeding after sex and between periods for women, and pain and swelling in the testicles for men.

After realising her former partner was in denial about the state of his sexual health, the baffled woman made a further attempt to make Joshua understand he was definitely the one to pass on the disease.

She wrote:

Ok well just telling you bc [sic] that’s the results and literally haven’t slept with anyone else and got checked before you.

Unbelievably, Joshua managed to dig an even bigger hole for himself when he admitted the woman wasn’t the first of his partners to accuse him of spreading the disease.

Despite this telling fact, the apparently disease-riddled man still refused to believe he was guilty.

He commented:

Not the first girl to come up claiming I gave it to them when I didnt [sic] so I could care less.

Is it just me that wants to shout at Joshua at this point? If multiple women informed him they contracted chlamydia after sleeping with him, believing he might actually have the STD is not that much of a stretch.

The women in question actually did Joshua a favour by informing him of their health concerns because it means he could get checked and prevent the disease from being passed on to anyone else. Apparently Joshua is just too stubborn for that, though.

After making multiple attempts to get Joshua to believe her, the woman who initiated the conversation decided she’d tried her best.

She told Joshua to ‘think what [he] wants’ but pointed out it would be very easy for him to get checked.

It’s not clear whether the frustrated man responded but hopefully he would have taken his former partner’s advice on board.

The NHS advises sexually active people under the age of 25 to get tested for chlamydia every year.

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