Nobody wants to tell their family that their pet has died. Unfortunately, it happens to everyone who owns an animal at one point or another. Glenn Maloney is one pet owner who was dreading telling his young children that Mugsy, the family dog, had died.

Mugsy was struck by a car around 3 pm outside of Glenn's girlfriend's, Viola Tiszl’s house. Glenn told PEOPLE News that he picked her up, only to have her die in his arms.

Glenn had been watching their children, Kevin and Megan when the accident occurred.

Not wanting them to see the bloody condition the little dog was in, he made sure that they stayed inside the house.

When he checked to see if the 4-year-old Jack Russell terrier was breathing or not, he said that he could not find a heartbeat.

He was so upset that he buried the dog quickly, without even telling his children until later that night.
They decided to come out and say goodbye to Mugsy in their own ways. Megan wanted to know if she could set up a cross at the grave, to which Glenn said, of course. They then said a little prayer for the family dog and headed back inside.

It wasn’t until 5:30 the next morning that they heard a strange scratching at their door. Glenn opened it up to find Mugsy standing there. He said that the dog was wagging his tail like crazy.

They were so shocked that they figured it must have been another dog that had been hit by the vehicle. But Mugsy had on his right tags, confirming it was him!
Glenn even checked the grave to make sure that it had been dug up.

The dog was covered with dirt and had bloodshot eyes, according to Tiszl. However, she said that he was still happy and chipper. The family took Mugsy to the vet to have him checked out, who confirmed that the dog had managed to dig himself out of the grave.

He said that Mugsy probably just took a short nap before waking up and getting out of what was supposed to be his final resting place.

You can listen to the amazing story for yourself from the video below. The family was even on Oprah!

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