A dad and his daughter were left crying with laughter after spotting an unusual message written on their McDonald’s receipt.

Emily Timmins and her dad, Vinny, decided to treat themselves to the fast food on December 22, so they went through the drive-thru of the McDonald’s restaurant in Stonedale Retail Park, Liverpool.

However, with last-minute Christmas shoppers out in force and people looking to indulge in nuggets and fries before being tied to Christmas leftovers for the following week, Emily and Vinny were met with a host of other hungry customers who’d had the same idea as them.

As a result, the restaurant was particularly busy, so after placing their order the pair were asked to park their car while they awaited their food, which a member of staff would bring over to them.

In a post on Facebook, 18-year-old Emily explained when this happens employees usually write the car registration number on the order receipt, so the person delivering the food knows which vehicle to go to.

This time, however, one member of staff took a different approach.

The fast food worker presumably decided they didn’t want to bother writing out the registration number, so instead identified the customers through a couple of noticeable traits.

A picture of the receipt reveals a note reading, simply:

Silver (bald)

The word ‘silver’ presumably referred to the colour of Emily and Vinny’s car, but as silver is a very popular vehicle colour the worker obviously knew they needed to be more specific.

Therefore, they added ‘bald’, indicating the person delivering the food should be on the lookout for Vinny’s bald head.

The poor man tasked with delivering the food was clearly aware the method of identification was unusual, so naturally they were reluctant to hand over the piece of paper with the message written on it.

However, he had to offer the customers their receipt, and Emily explained he did so ‘sheepishly’. Unfortunately for the worker, Vinny accepted and after receiving the paper the father and daughter were quick to notice the handwritten note.

Thankfully the family members took it well, and the daughter said they were ‘p*ssing’ themselves laughing after reading the note.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Emily said her dad jokingly called the employee a ‘cheeky b*gger’, after which the worker pointed out his co-workers ‘don’t make [his] life easy’.

Emily’s story went viral after she shared it on Facebook, so much so members of the public have started to recognise Vinny when he’s out and about.

The amused daughter explained:

People have been recognising [Vinny] since it happened. He went to an Everton match and the man next to him said his daughter recognised us both off Facebook.

We still can’t stop laughing now.

Vinny will probably have become a bit of a celebrity at the Stonedale Retail Park McDonald’s, though hopefully people will recognise him for who he really is and not just as ‘the bald guy’.

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