Former President Barrack Obama had an autobiography written about him titled “Dreams from My Father” in 1995. Taking from the title this book focuses primarily on the impact President Obama’s father had on him and his life. However, many people may not know how much Obama’s mother had influenced his life. Obama opened up about how her work had foreshadowed the President’s own policies and initiatives.

Janny Scott, an author, and reporter for several news magazines wrote the biography “A Singular Woman.” It tells the untold story of Barrack Obama’s mother and the profound impact she had on the president’s life. Scott told “Fresh Air’s” Terry Gross as cited by NPR that Barrack owes his mother a lot for instilling moral values in him. "He credits her with impressing upon him the importance upon one's duty to others — perhaps that the best thing that one can do is to give opportunities for others."

Barrack’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, raised the future President as a single mother. Barack was from her first marriage to Barack Obama. Sr. “She needed to be able to work to pay for the education she wanted for her son and her daughter,” Scott said adding, “In order to work, she was going to need some kind of advanced degree. So she was juggling a lot of things." Dunham received a doctorate in anthropology and loved to study other cultures and ways of life a trait she seemed to have passed down to her son according to the Washington Post.

According to NPR, Scott points out how in many ways Dunham’s work foreshadows Obama's. “There was a period in 1979 where she was working in what her boss described to me as 'community development in Java.' That's five years before he becomes a community development person in Chicago."

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