Freddie was abandoned by his mother in a dumpster right after he was born. This horrible start didn’t hold him back, however. He never let this very rough start define him or stop him from achieving success and becoming a role model for overcoming adversity.

Freddie Figgers is living proof that even people starting in the worst circumstances have the potential to be great in life and to achieve incredible things. Freddie overcame more than most people could ever imagine becoming the man he is today, as reported in the University Herald.

Freddie founded and currently owns a $62 million-dollar company at the age of just 30-years-old.

Freddie was adopted at just two-days-old by Nathan and Betty Figgers. He notes their constant love and support as the reason that he was able to grow into the man he is today. He shares that he remembers enjoying tinkering with things at a very early age, and his adoptive parents say that he was a very intelligent little boy.

He was given his first computer at nine years old. However, the computer didn’t work, but that didn’t stop Freddie. He fixed the computer completely on his own and had it up and running within days. Remember, this was before the days of instructional YouTube videos!

Freddie got his first job as a computer technician when he was only 12 years old and went on to launch his cloud computing services at only 15 years old.

He says the idea came to him after a car dealership in Alabama had all its files lost after a tornado struck and he helped them back up all of their important information onto a remote server. He did all of this on his own.

He eventually launched Figgers Communications, a telecommunications firm that is now worth more than $62 million. You can hear more of Freddie’s incredible story in this video.

“I’m going to impact this world and change today for a better tomorrow," Freddie says.

Words to live by.

Freddie's story is a powerful one. Pass this incredible story along to anyone who needs a boost to achieve their dreams.

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