A stunning white puppy was left to die by her heartless owner in an abandoned parking lot of a local Sam's Club. The poor dog was left for days howling and howling with no help in sight. This awful incident took place in a neighborhood outside of Memphis, Tennessee.

According to the staff working the Sam's Club location, the abandoned dog walked around to each car in the parking lot. He appeared to be looking into every vehicle for her owner.

Fortunately, a volunteer from the Arrow Dog Rescue organization noticed the pup after a shopping trip. Mary Murphy wasn't able to get close enough to the dog in order to place a collar on the pup.

Instead of scaring away the dog, she decided to wait patiently. Mary grabbed a chair, a good book, and her own pet. She was hoping that her dog would entice the abandoned puppy to come closer.

Dogs tend to trust other dogs before strange humans. After years of volunteering with stray dogs, Mary understood exactly how to make these at-risk animals comfortable.

After three long days of perseverance and patience, Mary eventually gained the trust of the dog with help from Jeff Guy, the owner of a local auto market. Jeff had called the dog Samantha and the name stuck.

He even made a voluntary donation for the medical costs needed for the dog's recovery. In total, Samantha had spent nine days in the parking lot waiting frantically for her owner.

According to Arrow Dog Rescue, Samantha is safe and sound. The rescue dog is currently resting at Mary's house and will head to Illinois in the morning to start her new life.
After Samatha's story was posted on social media, hundreds of families and individuals applied to adopt the adorable dog. All of the volunteers at Arrow Dog Rescue were overwhelmed by the reaction. The non-profit eventually decided on a foster family and a few backups just in case.

Once Samatha was delivered to her forever home, she was a little shy at first. Eventually, the dog warmed up to her new family and couldn't be happier. After nine days of uncertainty and fear, Samantha has been blessed with a safe and loving home.

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