Three years ago, a man felt compelled to pull over and help an unfortunate woman stuck in the rain. Now, they are repaying each other for the kindness they received In 2014, TunDe Hector had $5 to her name when her car bro-ke down in the pouring rain.

As she trudged down the road towards a gas station, Chris Wright was driving his family to church when he saw Hector and felt compelled to help her.

After dropping his family off at the church, he turned around, picked Hector up in his car, drove her to a convenience station, paid for her gas, and gave her all the money in his walletThough Hector was overwhelmingly grateful for the stranger’s kindness, they parted ways expecting to never see each other again.

This year, Chris’s mother Judy fell ill with Parkinson’s d*isease. As her health started to decline, her family hired a team of nursing aides to take care of her.

One nurse in particular was especially attentive of Judy, and the Wrights adored her presence in their home. “We quickly realized that she was our guardian angel,” said Chris’s wife Carmen.

One day when the nursing aid was chatting with the Wrights about her past, she told a story about how she once got stuck in the rain with only $5 in her pocket when a compassionate stranger pulled over and helped her out. Chris then realized that the nursing aid was TunDe Hector – the woman he had helped three years ago.

“Chris was stunned,” said Carmen“He then informed TunDe and those listening, that the ‘young man’ in her story was him.” “Tears were shed.

God was praised because we don’t believe in coincidence,” she added. “The by chance meeting that had blessed them both 3 years ago, came full-circle when the Lord appointed TunDe to show up on our doorstep to care for Judy.” When Judy finished off on Hector’s birthday, the nursing aide rushed over, still clothed in her birthday attire so she could be there for the Wrights.

“It would be an understatement to describe TunDe as amazing,” says Carmen“She exudes joy and lives every breath to serve people…” Then, as a means of repaying Hector for her kindness, the Wrights set up a YouCaring page to help pay off the aide’s nursing school tuition.

Their initial goal of $1,000 was shattered last week when they managed to raise $35,000. They filmed Hector’s reaction upon hearing about the crowdfunding page – and the results are overwhelmingly moving.

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