Things between Evelyn Lozada and Ogom Chijindu — OG — seem to be deteriorating fast, although it is becoming less and less clear which of the two has a point.

Evelyn recently received a lot of criticism from her fans — and supporters of OG — for her behavior, with some implying that she should stay away from her Basketball Wives co-star and some even throwing out the suggestion that OG should get a restraining order against her.

And in a strange turn of events, recent reports indicate that things might go the other way around, with Evelyn considering this very option for herself right now because she is scared of OG’s “mental state.”

It is not known what grounds she would seek her order on, as the only major i*ncident that has happened between the two recently was the aggressive attitude displayed by OG in a reunion episode of the show.

The recent i*ncident seemed to stem from the fact that OG felt slighted by the seating arrangement and left the stage in a huff.

However, she returned when she was informed that filming was still running without her, which made her even angrier.

Many have pointed out that while her behavior was not entirely appropriate, it hardly constitutes a restraining order, and Evelyn might just want to look in another direction until the wind blows over.

Others have been more supportive of the reality TV star, pointing out that there is a lot of toxicity on the show’s set, and it is not healthy for anyone at this point, even the production itself.

One fan weighed in on the drama by saying: “They stay hating on you! Keep doing what you do! 😘😘😘”

A critic responded by: “That’s not the best advice, she should be a better person. so she should keep being a b*ully using throwing out r*acist comments??”

Another follower stated: “Evelyn would you tell me why are the ppl tryna get you boycotted from BASKETBALL WIVES??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔”

This person said: “It was because of the r*acial stuff she said…some folks want it to be because OG was mad about the ToeG comment, but it was deeper than that…and it was the fans, not OG that started the petition. Unfortunately, folks think that you’re a hater when you point out terrible behavior. Evelyn has behaved like a bigoted bully this season and its really sad. she called on a monkey and called Cece ling ling and did some shit with her teeth to imitate a Chinese person.”

Evelyn is often near the biggest storylines on the show.

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